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1. How far in advance should we make a reservation?

Due to the nature of our trips and small group sizes, places are limited. To avoid being disappointed, we encourage participants to book as early as possible.

2. How long will it take to receive confirmation/answer?

Almost all requests will be replied within 24 hours. In the unlikely event you don't receive a reply within 24 hours, please resend request, in case it hasn't been received properly.

3. Isn't it too hot to cycle in the tropics?

Actually, the opposite is true. Due to the wind, you'll feel while cycling, it's much more comfortable compared to visiting monuments on foot. The wind during our cycling tours has a cooling effect. In addition, all our tours are on flat terrain.

4. What should I wear?

The best things to wear are lightweight cotton clothes, shorts or pants, T-shirt and sport shoes. A hat or cap is recommended.

5. What do I need to bring?

Try to limit your luggage to necessities only. Sun protection lotion, if you have a sensitive skin. Bring your video or photo camera. Do not forget to check the batteries or bring spares! If you have a belt-bag that holds these things and you would like to bring along, that is ideal.

6. Do I need to bring drinking water?

During all our trips, we provide participants with plenty of drinking water free of charge.

7. What does your trip-price include?

All our trips are "all-inclusive", from our meeting point right through to the finish. In particular, the following services are included in our trips:

  • Soft-drinks or water during the breaks
  • Boat & ferry transfers
  • Snack/meal (Colors of ...)
  • Lunch if applicable
  • Dinner if applicable
  • Hotel if applicable (based on twin-share)
  • Breakfast if applicable
  • Bicycle rental
  • Ponchos in case of rain
  • Insurance
  • Professional tour/cycling guide
  • Safety helmet rental
  • Canal tour by long-tail boat if applicable
  • But above all lots of fun and an unforgettable experience.

8. Do I need to be very fit in order to participate in your trips?

Hanoi Bike Tour only designs and operates trips for people who can balance and ride a bicycle. We take a break every hour, and the trips themselves are not about kilometers travelled or speed, but are very relaxed. This is the only way to enjoy the trip and surroundings. Besides cycling, no special skills are required. If you have a condition that requires special attention, please inform us in advance so that we can advise what is best for you.

9. If it is raining, will the trip still operate?

Our trips are never cancelled due to rain. Most of the trips avoid the rain due to the fact that it rains in Hanoi mostly during summer typhoon time (July-August), or in short sharp bursts. In case we do have heavy rain, we shelter and have poncho's (light rain jackets) available for you to wear.

10. Can we contact Hanoi Bike Tour and check availability when we are in Vietnam?

Of course, you can check availability when you are in Vietnam. Please call 091-88-9981, Mr. Huy Ngo, Customer service consultant for 24/7 help.