Some thoughts on a special lane for bicycles, and more

Some thoughts on a special lane for bicycles, and more

One Saturday afternoon after school, I did not press the pedal hard to try to get home quickly but slowly rode my bike on the street to enjoy the cool air in the city. And some thoughts suddenly came to me.

If there were a special lane for bicycles, I would ask my friends to bike to school with me every morning. After class, we would leisurely ride home and have a nice talk on the way. This would be much better than trying to rush home on a motorbike, turn on the fan or air-conditioner, then watch TV and chat online, only to roll our eyes in disbelief at the utility bill at the month’s end.

If there were more parks in the city, I would go there for exercise with my parents every Sunday and take my dog with me for a walk. The more green space, the more fresh air would be generated and our life would be less stressful. 

If there were more playgrounds, theme parks and community programs for them, children would have more opportunity to understand the significance of the Earth Hour, and not have to sit at home reading some silly comic book or watch some ludicrous TV show.

If only there were a better educational environment so everyone could have more to learn.

Learning about natural resource depletion, pollution, and climate change to realize the importance of the environment to our lives. 

Learning to take actions for a greener earth by riding a bicycle, using power-saving light bulbs or turning off the TV after leaving the room. 

Learning to think of the community and do good deeds to make everyone’s life better. 
Learning to become a global citizen and carry out the Earth Hour more than an hour a year.