Magic Vietnamese herbs

Magic Vietnamese herbs

Cha la lot
 and cha xuong song are dishes in which pork and beef are wrapped in leaves and grilled or fried.

But they are time-consuming dishes to cook. Lean pork is cut into small pieces and mixed with thinly sliced spring onions and a bit of fish sauce. This mixture is ground until it becomes tender. The la lotand xuong song leaves are washed and dried before the frying.

The la lot and xuong song leaves are used to wrap the meat mixture and fried evenly on all sides. When the leaf turns golden brown, it is time to arrange cha la lot and cha xuong song on a dish and serve hot with steamed rice.

Matching herbs and spices with main ingredients is also based on yin and yang. Foods that cool the system, such as fish, eel, and seafood, are matched with hot herbs and spices like ginger and lemon grass.

Traditionally Vietnamese have relied on herbal medicines to cure illnesses like cold, fever, stomachache. Besides infusing exotic tastes and flavors to the food, herbs and spices are also served to keep people healthy after a long day’s toil in the field.